Indiana Family Law Attorney

The practice area of family law encompasses some of the most difficult issues couples and families face throughout their lives. If you are involved in a family law case, you need representation and guidance from an experienced Indiana family law attorney.

About Indiana Family Law Cases

  • Divorce. – Divorce cases occur when one or both spouses decide that they no longer wish to be married. Before your divorce can be completed in Indiana, you must resolve several issues, including division of property and debt, child custody, child support and/or spousal maintenance.
  • Child Custody. – If a child’s parents don’t reside in the same house, having a formal child custody agreement in place ensures that both parents are able to spend time with their kids. Indiana courts determine custody based on the best interests of the child.
  • Child Support. –  The state of Indiana requires a child’s noncustodial parent to make regular child support payments to the child’s custodial parent. The amount of support required depends on the income of the parents, as well as some other factors.
  • Paternity. – In some cases, the identity of a child’s father must be legally established through a paternity case before child support or custody arrangements can be determined.
  • Adoption. – If you wish to add a child to your family legally in Indiana, adoption proceedings will be required. These proceedings are required regardless of whether you are completing a domestic or international adoption.

Hiring an Attorney

Family law issues can be complicated and filled with emotional stress. For this reason, having a trustworthy attorney to guide you through the process is highly recommended. A qualified attorney who has experience with these issues can evaluate the facts associated with your case, explain the applicable laws and help you decide on the best course of action. Having an experienced family law attorney on your side also ensures that you have someone to turn to if you have questions or concerns at any point during your case.

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