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JC Law Offices is an Evansville-based litigation law firm representing clients in a variety of civil and criminal litigation matters throughout Indiana. We provide creative and results-oriented legal solutions to our clients, providing attention to each client’s particular needs. We achieve that by drawing on our attorney’s years of state and federal litigation experience, our sophisticated and targeted legal research, and persuasive courtroom advocacy, all the while staying within our client’s stated budget.

Civil Litigation. Our attorneys are experienced state and federal court litigators who provide our clients with results-oriented representation in high-stakes matters. From the moment we meet with a potential client, we focus on what are the most important issues facing that client and offer practical and effective legal solutions to their problems that stay within their stated budget.

Trade Secret Litigation. While a business’ trade secrets can consist of confidential and proprietary matters that are the heart of its business, that business cannot claim trade secret protection for matters that are generally known or easily discovered through other,
non-confidential sources. Our firm has experience protecting businesses with legitimate trade secrets against unauthorized disclosure or use and defending against illegitimate trade secret claims designed solely to prevent competition.

Wage and Hour/Unpaid Wage Disputes. While the nature of business and our economy has changed over the years, companies still have an obligation to pay their employees overtime if they are, in fact, entitled to it. Many companies mistakenly think—and many employees mistakenly believe—that simply paying the employee a salary versus an hourly rate, exempts them from overtime obligations. Employees are also entitled to have their earned wages paid on time. Our firm has successfully represented employees who are wrongfully denied their overtime pay and are not paid their earned wages.

Restrictive Covenant/Non-Compete/Non-Solicitation/Confidential Information Litigation. Many times, an employee is required to sign some form of a “restrictive covenant” as a condition for getting hired. For example, these restrictive covenants can be labeled a “non-compete agreement,” which attempts to prevent a former employee from working for another employer in the same field and can severely limit a departing employee from working at a better job in their field of expertise.

Another type of restrictive covenant can be a non-solicitation agreement, which prevents a former employee either from soliciting former employees or clients to work for or do business with the departing employee.

Another restrictive covenant can be an acknowledgment not to disclose what the employer considers to be its trade secrets or confidential information.

The employer’s stated reason for these agreements is to protect against trade secrets or other confidential information disclosure; however, many times these are non-compete agreements improperly drafted and used to prevent an employee from advancing their career through a better job.

Our firm has successfully defended former employees against their employer’s improper attempts to use all forms of restrictive covenants against former employees.

Business Torts. Sometimes a party takes intentionally wrongful actions against an individual or business. These include intentionally interfering with a contract between two parties; intentionally interfering with a party’s expectation of a business opportunity; or acts of slander or defamation against an individual or a business. Our firm of experienced litigators knows how to successfully pursue and defend against these types of torts.

Contract Disputes. Contracts are part of our everyday business life. They set out the terms of the agreement between the parties, whether it be a contract of employment, personal services, or a complex business agreement. Sometimes, a party to the contract fails to perform their end of the bargain or disregards the contract altogether. When that happens, the party harmed by that breach of contract needs to take action to enforce the contract or seek damages for the person’s failure to perform under the contract. Our firm of experienced commercial litigation attorneys has the experience in state and federal courts to litigate all contract disputes.

Criminal Defense. Our firm focuses primarily on federal criminal defense, including drug trafficking, money laundering, financial fraud, and weapons charges.

Appeals. Sometimes a client will want to challenge a verdict or other ruling of the trial court. It could be the verdict itself, or the amount of damages or other punishment or sentence received. Our firm of experienced appellate lawyers has prior judicial law clerk experience. We will analyze the record at the trial level and advise the client of the opportunities for a potentially successful appeal. If retained to pursue an appeal, we know how to focus on what would be the arguments most likely to succeed and will file persuasive and well-researched appellate briefs advocating our client’s arguments and will persuasively present those arguments at oral argument.

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