Practice Areas

At JC Law Offices, we have significant experience representing individuals and small, medium and large business clients.  The firm has a record of successfully litigating and resolving claims for both plaintiffs and defendants in both state and federal trial courts and appellate courts. We are able to accomplish this by having years of courtroom experience, experience as former state and federal clerks and our broad knowledge of a variety of business industries.  If you retain our firm, we will be your advisor and advocates to obtain the best possible resolution of your dispute, whether it be through a negotiated settlement or trial.

Indiana Appellate Attorney

If the decision you wish to challenge is considered to be a “final judgment” or appealable order, you may be able to file a direct appeal with the appellate court. The appellate court, applying the appropriate standard of review to the lower court’s or fact finder’s decision, will review record of evidence presented at the trial or hearing to determine either if the trial court’s judgment is supported by substantial evidence or, if the decision is question of law, whether the trial court correctly applied the law to the facts presented at trial.
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Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of a crime in Indiana, you may now face a variety of potential consequences. In order to protect your freedom and increase your chances of avoiding conviction, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side.
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Indiana Entertainment Law Attorney

Entertainment law is focused on the application of intellectual property law, contract law and employment law principles and interactions between members in the entertainment industry. As an experienced entertainment law attorney, Jonathan Chance structures deals for clients and protects client rights from proprietary infringement.
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Indiana Litigation Attorney

At JC Law Offices, our experienced attorneys are innovative, aggressive and effective in all litigation cases. Whatever the particular law of a client’s case, at the end of the day, our experienced attorneys know how to navigate the case from the beginning, from filing a complaint or an initial response, to conducting discovery, and, to the end of the case, be it a motion for summary judgment to dispose of the case without a trial or, if necessary, a trial by court or jury.
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