Indiana Entertainment Law Attorney

Entertainment law is focused on the application of intellectual property law, contract law and employment law principles and interactions between members in the entertainment industry. As an experienced entertainment law attorney, Jonathan Chance structures deals for clients and protects client rights from proprietary infringement.

Legal Issues in the Entertainment Industry

Legal issues can arise at any phase in the creation of original works of entertainment. During the production phase, formal contracts must be drafted to outline the rights of all parties involved in the projects. For example, an actor with a role in a commercial must sign a talent release. This legally enforceable document gives the producer the legal right to use the actor’s voice and performance in exchange for monies. All terms of the talent release must be negotiated and reviewed to ensure compliance with the law.

During the distribution and licensing phase, a wide variety of legal issues can arise. A writer of a popular song who holds the copyright may enter into a royalty agreement with a radio station. Every time the station plays the song for the public, the copyright holder is entitled to a royalty payment. Even when works are distributed through other mediums like the internet, legal agreements are needed to offer protection against unauthorized use and piracy. All around, there are entertainment laws which govern these types of transactions.

Entertainment Industry Contracts

Standardized form contracts don’t work well in the entertainment industry. That’s because each manager, performer, movie studio and agent bring a unique set of attributes to the deal. Attorney Jonathan Chase draws up contracts that accurately reflect the expectations of all of the parties and comply with the entertainment law in that jurisdiction. This approach helps avoid time-consuming lawsuits down the road. And if a contract dispute does arise over the terms, informal negotiations like mediation or arbitration may be appropriate. These alternative dispute resolution strategies save everyone a lot of expense and trouble.

If you need assistance with the legal aspects of an entertainment deal, or if you are facing the prospect of a lawsuit, there may be more at risk than just your wallet. Your reputation and career may be at rish as well. Contact entertainment law attorney Jonathan Chase in Evansville, Indiana today to discuss your case.

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